Rider Safety

We ask all riders and drivers to watch out for each other, obey the road rules and share the road. We want everyone to get home safely at the end of the day.

And do yourself a favour and stop wearing black kit out on the roads! We know how good you look but the reality is that you blend in with the colour of the tarmac, the surrounding tree trunks and the deep dark shadows that fall during our favourite riding times (early morning and late afternoon). So throw on some colour, a front and back light and ensure you can be seen in all conditions. 

Check out the VicRoads Travel Happy website for useful information and take the quiz to ensure you’re up to speed on the Victorian road rules. The campaign aims to help improve road safety and foster a culture of mutual respect between all road users.

Bike Law Handbook

In November 2015 the Victorian Law Foundation, in collaboration with VicRoads, the Amy Gillet Foundation, Bicycle Network,  Cycling Victoria, City of Melbourne and the City of Yarra released a fantastic Bike Law handbook - a "bike rider's guide to road rules in Victoria". The guide outlines the essential road rules you need to know as a bike rider. 

Download a copy of the Victorian Law Foundation - Bike Law handbook.

Cycling Code of Conduct

In July 2013 the Amy Gillett Foundation launched a consolidated cycling code of conduct titled ‘Sharing Roads and Paths’. The code brings key cycling related road rules and responsibilities together into one easy to use guide aimed at informing all road users on how to share spaces safely with bicycle riders.

Download a copy of Sharing Roads and Paths

Cycling Victoria also developed the ‘Code of Conduct for the Training Cyclist’. Prepared in collaboration with VicRoads and Victoria Police, the code is designed to encourage safe riding by bike riders, particularly when riding in groups.

The purpose of both Codes of Conduct are to encourage bike riders to ride in a safer manner, to increase their compliance with the road rules and to show more respect for other road users.

For more information on safety and road rules for cycling, please visit the VicRoads website.

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