Terms & Conditions

Smoke Free Property

For the comfort and welfare of all guests and staff, Tread is a smoke-free property. 


  • bikes can be stored in rooms provided they do not drip oil / mud on floor
  • bike hooks are available in all rooms except the family room (alternate storage option available for guests in this room)  
  • bike cleaning area is adjacent to Room 1
  • hose, bike stand, rags and bike-cleaning equipment are available for use
  • flip your bike up onto the rear wheel when walking bikes into rooms and hold the handle bar ends to prevent scraping paint off the doors

Please …

  • don't use Tread linen or towels to clean your bike (seriously!)
  • don't apply chain lube when in rooms or on the concrete paths as grease stains the concrete
  • don't lean bikes up against the outside window awnings
  • don't ride on the concrete path in front of rooms


As a general comment we ask that you respect our property at all times. 

Please …

  • don't use Tread linen to clean cars or bikes (again, seriously!)
  • don't prepare or consume food in rooms (please use the kitchen)
  • keep noise to a minimum after 10pm

Additional charges: 

  • if smoke is detectable in a room following departure - $100
  • soiled, stained, damaged or missing items - replacement value
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