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Goldfields Track Tours

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Goldfields Track; a 210km point-to-point track that takes mountain bikers and bushwalkers through some of central Victoria's historic towns and beautiful forests.

While the track is fully signposted, Paula and Andy offer guided cycling tours for groups up to 10 people offering:

  • Ride guide for all three legs of the Goldfields Track
  • Support vehicle for luggage transfers & rider support
  • Coordination of transfers and accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Goldfields Track Shuttles

Paula and Andy also provide shuttle services for people tackling the Goldfields Track on their own. Often the logistics of getting to the start, home from the finish and transferring luggage in-between can all be a bit daunting but a shuttle can be just the answer you're looking for. 

  •  Getting There

If you're based in Melbourne we recommend catching the train to the start in Ballarat and then catching the train home again from the finish in Bendigo. For timetable information visit the V/Line website and read more about V/Line's policy around Bikes on Trains.

If you're not based in Melbourne or a car is your preferred method of travel, then Tread can provide a shuttle service to get you and your friends anywhere along the Goldfields Track and back to your car. 

  • Luggage Transfers

Many people complete the Track with the simplicity of a Credit Card and a toothbrush… but if that's not your style and you want the freedom to ride or walk each leg without the extra weight and hassle, then let us do the luggage transfers for you.


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